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Interesting facts about Chatroulette

Every day, more and more people are giving preference to communicate in the chat-roulette, because it is quite convenient and simple. You can communicate not only through text messages, but also with the help of a webcam.

Some features of Chatroulette

One of the most popular communication services is Chatroulette. It is becoming more and more popular every day. Chatting, people do not often think about who is the creator of such an interesting program.

Chatroulette was created by an ordinary student in 2009. He wrote the code for such a site for communication. For several years, this service has gained very great popularity among the users from countries around the world.

The peculiarity of communication in Chatroulette is that people do not choose their interlocutors. The interlocutors are chosen randomly. This feature attracts a lot of users.

Interesting facts about Chatroulette

A Russian student is the creator of Chatroulette. He has made everything for the users of his service to make their communication with each other pleasant and to exclude the violators from it. To do this, a code that blocks users who achieve a certain number of switches has been created.

Andrei, the creator of Chatroulette, said that he came up with an idea about this type of communication at the age of 17, and every day since, he thought about how to make it come true.

Among the interesting facts of Chatroulette can be identified:

– about three thousand dollars was spent on the creation of this portal, which is a rather small amount compared to other programs for communication;

– anyone who wishes can communicate in the chat-roulette;

– more than one and a half million users use the site every day. This is three times more than the users of YouTube;

– the creator understands that the time will come when his website may become uninteresting to the users, but he is already ready for this and knows how he can change the service and communication on it so that its users will always be satisfied;

– advertisers invest millions in a resource every day, which allows it to attract new investors.

Who will be interested in Chatroulette?

Chatroulette will be interesting for people who experience the lack of communication in the real world. You can communicate in such a chat at any time. It may even be night or holidays, the service works around the clock.

People can find a soulmate here from another country, a person who will be interested in all the same hobbies as you. To start a conversation, you can simply start the broadcast. If you do not like the user, you can immediately click on the ‘Next’ button without explanation.

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